How Barcode Works?

In this post we are going to learn how the bar code works.. so let’s not waste time…

1. How it works?
Bar code contains different horizontal lines (bars) and spaces to encode the character. Difference between the bars width defines the encoding pattern. The bar code reader read the pattern by the amount of light reflecting from it. It decodes the light pattern depending upon the encoding table(also called symbology).

2. Types of bar code?
Well there are hell lot of bar code available although only few are used in commercial purpose. Basically there are two types of bar code available.

  • Linear
  • Two Dimensional (2-D)

UPC/EAN are the best example of linear bar codes. This type of bar code are widely used of commercial purpose.

3. How much data bar code can hold?

If it is 2-D bar code then it can hold almost thousand of character. For the linear bar code it can hold up to 14 numeric

4. Advantage?
Needless to say this bar code help the industry in different aspects. And few of them are : –

  • Using this bar code retailer can easily identify the fast-moving products and meet the customer demands.
  • The tracking of item movement become easy with it.
  • Apart from the industrial use this is also used for some scientific purpose also.

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