Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Quick look

Almost 2.5 year later i have used the linux. This time it’s ubuntu 10.04. Few weeks back i have ordered the cd and finally got it yesterday.Some quick facts : –

  • The most intersting thing is that you can use this cd as Live cd. I love this feature. You don’t have to move files,delete the partion, create free space to insall it. just insert the cd and use demo option.Well i have vista so i was bit confused whether i will go for linux or not. Beacuse in my previous experince lot of time i messed the XP(damm microsoft…!!!).So to be in safer side i took the backup.
  • Once the backup is done just restarted the pc. and here it comes.

  • The intial design looks preety same like other linux flavor or the previous releshe of ubuntu. The disk are mounted automatically. But if you remember in Red Hat you need manually mount the external drive. Well i prefer the 2nd  option becuase linux is for the developer. Anyway…!!!
  • So far so good… Terminal, default 4 workspace,Start Menu all those thing are same as the all existing linux flavor.
  • The first thing is that whether it is able to play music or not. Beacause whatever linux i have tried, whether it is Red Hat, Fedore, PC Quest linux it is not able to play the music file. To my bad luck ubuntu also not able to play music. dammm…
  • To my surprise when i restarted the pc the vista is working fine (That’s Great…!!!).

Well you can try the ubuntu by downloading the ubuntu from here

If you are not in hurry you can order for cd.

After cheking the some of the feature i was dissapointed not to find any extra feature in the ubuntu 10.04. Maybe beacuse i am using the live cd.
So next step is to install the ubuntu. so till then signing off.

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I am software engineer by profession. Sometimes i post some topics about technology and some other topics which i find out interesting. My hobbies include watching movies,music, reading books(both technical and story books(fiction only)).

One thought on “Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Quick look”

  1. About playing songs in Linux, the problem is not with Linux, but with copyrights. Different audio / video formats (mp3, avi, etc.) have patents, and could be used *legally* only if you have the permission. Linux being a FOSS, doesn’t provide such softwares with the distribution by default. However, you can always download and install by yourself.

    The best thing that I like about Ubuntu is it’s package manager. You try to download a software, and it automatically resolves all the dependencies, if any.

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