Blogger to WordPress…!!!

I moved out from blogger to wordpress . The reason is simple. I got frustrated with the blogger. The layout given in the wordpress looks more appealing w.r.t blogger template.

How to move :-

Thanks to wordpress they provided some easy tool to move all the post from another blog to wordpress. To switch all the old post from blogger just go to tool and import option.

Once you click import option, you need to authorize Google account (blogger account).

Once it’s authorize just click the import option and that’s it, in no time all the blog, comments, draft will be imported from

Advantage :-

In blogger their are template but i guess it is not more than 10. But on the other side their are hell lot of template in wordpress. And all the template looks amazing. The templates are created based on the different blog nature. Like their are template available for the blogs contain picture only, some template for the blogs which contain more text than picture. And the list go on and on.
Apart from template the widget also looks amazing.

Disadvantage :-

  • Well their are some disadvantage in wordpress too. In blogger user can change the fonts size etc, but this feature is not available in wordpress. If you want to opt this option then you have to the buy the domain.
  • If your exiting account in linked with the ad-sense program then the move may affect the ad-sense revenue.
  • Most important thing is blog reader, As you change the blog then you have to inform the same to all the reader for huge number of blog reader which is really difficult.
  • RSS feeds can create problem, the new RSS link need to be updated by the RSS reader. In most case they won’t.

So readers keep visiting my new blog in wordpress.


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I am software engineer by profession. Sometimes i post some topics about technology and some other topics which i find out interesting. My hobbies include watching movies,music, reading books(both technical and story books(fiction only)).

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