ScribeFire add-on quick look…

Today while surfing the firefox add-on just found one great add-on for bloggers. And that is ScribeFire. With the help of ScribeFire you can publish your blog right from you browser. No need to login to blog sites and post it.

To do this you first have to install the add-on. The add-on is available for almost all the web-browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc etc.

Once it is installed press F8 (For Firefox). You can see one pop-up displayed. Now you have to do the account setup only once.

Once the account setup is done you can post you blog easily. You don’t have to log-in every time in the blog sites and post the blog.

Apart from that you can also edit your old post. In the left hand panal just go to Entries–>Posts and choose the post to edit, Add categories, Add video link, insert image in you post.

And most important thing is you can Setup multiple blog account whether it is blogger, Windows Live Space, TypePad ,Tumblr and lot more.

Not only this whatever you can do it in the blog site, for ex: WordPress you can do almost everything in this addon. Like you can edit your Pages, Create the Catagory, Modify the timestamp, add image-video in you post. Ans most important thing you can add multiple blog account like- blogger, trumbler, wordpress etc etc.

Well if you are in the middle of something and you have to go for somewhere then just close the window and next time when you open it can continue with your unfinished post. You can also share the post with your Facebook, stumbleupon etc.

Apart from SribeFire their are other add-on available for blogger. Like  Windows Live Writer, BloGTk (For Linux Environment), MarsEdit (For Mac Environment).

So what you are waiting for just check it out.

Ohh but do not try this in shared computer.


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I am software engineer by profession. Sometimes i post some topics about technology and some other topics which i find out interesting. My hobbies include watching movies,music, reading books(both technical and story books(fiction only)).

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