Google Sputnik

What is that. yeah this was my first impression when i saw this one. This is Google Sputnik. This is site where you can check how well your web browser following ECMA-262 javascript standarad. In this test total 5000 test cases will be executed.

So i start testing the different web-browser.
1. Firefox v3.6.8 : –

2. Google Chrome v5.0.375.125 :-

3. Opera v10.54 :-

4. IE 7 v7.0.6001.18000 :-
Well while running it in IE it throws IE error and in the middle it hangs. Here is the result

As you can see less number of test case failed in Opera, and following Google Chrome and Firefox. And IE you know where it is. Don’t you 🙂

On depending upon the run speed Google Chrome took the first place, on the other hand Firefox and opera is comes 2nd and 3rd respectively. and IE faced some nervous breakdown.

Well currently it’s under google labs. It’s a nice tool to check it out whether you web-browser following all java script standard or not. and for web browser company it is they need to work hard, rather smarter.


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I am software engineer by profession. Sometimes i post some topics about technology and some other topics which i find out interesting. My hobbies include watching movies,music, reading books(both technical and story books(fiction only)).

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