Oracle Trends

Just had a wonderful lunch. And as usual after that i was just surfing the net one thoght came in mind. What is the oracle(database) trend. So i opened google trends and found something common stuff. so thought to share with you.

Color Codes :-
Blue – Oracle 9i
Red – Oracle 10g
Orange – Oracle 11g

This is trends for Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g database. As you can see the Oracle 9i trends rate is decreasing. and for Oracle 1og it was in peak in 2007,2008 and after that it stared to reducing and on the other hand the trends for Oracle 11g is growing. Here you can see the trends for Oracle 10g never reaches the maximum value as Oracle 9i had.  It is because the release date beetween oracle version.

Oracle 8i – 1997
Oracle 9i – September, 2001,
Oracle 10g – 2005
Oracle 11g- 2007

As you can see their their is almost 4 year difference in oracle 9i and 10g and on the other hand less than 2 year for 1og and 11g release.  That’s why before oracle 10g reaches it’s pinnacle 11g came into market.

Well we can predict that in some time later that Oracle 11g will cross Oracle 10g . maybe it will fade if oracle release another version. Well for that we have to wait and watch.


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2 thoughts on “Oracle Trends”

  1. As per my opinion, Oracle will be increasing from Oracle 11g version, Because Oracle launched Oracle 8i and Oracle 9i, those days, Sun OS was not with Oracle. Now Oracle has own operating system,hardware and database.

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