Google SSL

Welcome to secure Google search. Now what is that? This is Google SSL. According to Google “With Google search over SSL, you can have an end-to-end encrypted search solution between your computer and Google”.

That means previously in whatever search has been done it will go to Google server as it is but using Google SSL it will be in encrypted format. Now what will be the impact? Using Non-SSL site whatever data is transferred there is probability that third party can read the date for ex: service provider. But using SSL search the probability is less. But Google doesn’t guarantee complete security. If the host computer is malware or virus infected then there is chance.
Check the below screen shots.

Google SSL :-

Google Non-SSL :-

As you can see in Non-SSL site other links like Image, Video, Maps etc are available but it’s not their in Google SSL site.

As of now this encrypted site is available for alone.  For Country specific site like, it is not available. So even if you type it will automatically go to Non-SSL site . Ideally it should go to encrypted Google site  Maybe it’s Google bug :).

More information about Google SSL is here.

So bookmark this and be secured.


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