Live Writer quick look

Still now I am using ScribeFire for blogging. But today just thought to try windows live writer. So I downloaded and installed it. Windows Live Writer LogoWell installation took pretty long time Although I choose to install only windows live writer. Anyway.

So once it done I did the initial setup in for my blog. Did an test blog. To my surprise it’s is good. You can do whatever you want to do. You can add image, video everything. But there are some cool plug-ins available in it. Like the code snippet plug-in (if you are a programming geek) which is great. Using this you can add your source code with a nice look and feel. If you are in wordpress there is no such tool like this.

Apart from this there are other nice tools like Maps, Generate Tags etc.

And the most important thing is WYSIWHG. In this you can download the blog template and before post just check the preview. But in case of ScribeFire the preview feature is little bit frustrating.

Here is some screen-shots

 Windows Live Writer


In live writer you can add different blog like WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal etc. And you can setup multiple account also.

But few problem are their like

  • The log-in details are transferred through unsecured protocol. So if you are too much worried about security then think again. 
  • If you change the template then it will not update the template automatically. You need to manually refresh the theme. Well some people say it’s ok. But guys I am using Microsoft product why should go for manual option. 🙂
  • If your blog consists of multiple pages then to modify the pages may throw error.

Needless to say every product in this world has bug but it’s still good.

So what you are waiting for just give a try you will love it.


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I am software engineer by profession. Sometimes i post some topics about technology and some other topics which i find out interesting. My hobbies include watching movies,music, reading books(both technical and story books(fiction only)).

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